Q. What does our service cost?

A. Our service is free of charge

Q. How long does it take to get a answer from the banks?

A. Normally within 5 working days

Q.What is the difference between an Approval in Principal and a Final Grant?

A. Approval in principal is based on the information provided by you to the bank, a Final Grant is given once all that information has been confirmed as true and correct

Q. Will Genesis Mortgage be able to get lower interest rates?

A. No, the bank will offer you the same rate, it is currently based on how the bank scores your application, installment to income and credit profile , but we would be able to motivate so that we get the lowest possible rate.

Q. How do I follow-up my application?

A. you follow it up with us, as we have dedicated consultants from the banks that we can contact.

Q. Why should we use Genesis Mortgage?

A. because we take all the red tape and hassles out of applying for a home loan. No need to go to your bank as we have a one stop for all your bond financing issues.

Q. Who will see my application?

A. Only the people involved in the processing of the bond application will see your details.

Q. Is there any obligation to accept the homeloan?

A. No it stands you free to accept or reject the offer from the bank.

Q. Will I be able to get credit if my credit profile is not good?

A. No, having a good crdit record is key to getting new or further credit.